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From personalized apparel to unique home decor, Print on Demand empowers you to bring your creative visions to life and captivate customers with one-of-a-kind products.

Discover High-Quality Products from The Sublimation Station

At The Sublimation Station, we offer an extensive range of top-notch products that are perfect for customization through our Print on Demand services. Explore our diverse selection of men's and women's clothing , youth & toddler items , accessories, home and living essentials, and team sports products.

Print-On-Demand VS Bulk Orders

Understand the difference between these 2 terms for your convenience and informed decision-making


Low Risk, No Inventory

With Print-on-Demand, you don't need to invest in bulk inventory. Each item is produced only when an order is placed, reducing financial risks and freeing up valuable storage space.

Customization and Creativity

Print-on-Demand allows you to create unique, personalized products with your own designs. Tailor your offerings to match your brand's identity and cater to the preferences of your target audience. Stand out from the crowd with custom designs that make a lasting impression.

Flexibility and Scalability

Whether you're starting a new venture or expanding an existing business, Print-on-Demand offers flexibility and scalability. Easily add new products, test new designs, and adjust your offerings based on market demand. As your business grows, Print-on-Demand can effortlessly accommodate increased order volumes.


Bulk Inventory, Upfront Investment

Wholesale requires purchasing products in large quantities upfront. You need to invest in inventory, which ties up capital and comes with storage and management costs. Bulk purchasing allows for potential discounts, but it also carries the risk of unsold stock.

Established Brands and Products

Wholesale is often associated with established brands and well-known products. You can leverage existing consumer demand for popular brands and benefit from economies of scale. However, you have limited control over product customization and may need to adhere to brand guidelines.

Potential Profit Margins

By buying products at wholesale prices, you can potentially achieve higher profit margins when selling them at retail prices. This model is suitable if you have a robust distribution network, established customer base, and the ability to move inventory efficiently.

A New Custom Way To Shop

Here at The Sublimation Station we promise to offer the industires most high quality and unique custom merchandise. We are 100% vertically integrated and manufacture all our custom products in house. We look forward to partnering with your brand let's be different together.

Why choose Sublimation

Start With Idea

So many options to choose from with sublimation.  Let us bring your idea to life.

Pick Your Product

Since we offer more than just t-shirts. Finding the right product for your needs is easy.

Choose Your Decoration

The Sublimation Station offers three decoration methods: Dye Sublimation, Screen Print, & Digital.

Upload Your Design

Our state of the art design tool makes it super easy to create new products.

Love It & Share It

Share your awesome new products on social media and get ready to sell.


We offer multiple payment options including Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Jenny C.

I loved the way our shirts came out, really great job. (Brought in my own shirts)

chad stultz

They always do a great job for our company

alex Morales

Professional business with a fast turnaround time. Very thankful to work with Sublimation Station for a recent event. We have dealt with alot of companies they are the best place to get custom tshirts in Orlando!

Matthew Harris

I was amazed to find a true cut and sew sublimation factory right here in Orlando. Fast turn around and a fair pricing.

Stan Hawley

They produce all of our corporate shirts and provide excellent service for every order, are easy to work with and always have fast turnaround. The quality of the dye sublimation is the best I've experienced. Very pleased!

Willium Chavis

My experience was awesome! They make garments with high tech machines, creating a very futuristic flow for fashion. Having unlimited options for colors, sizes and logo designs there's no way anyone should be unhappy with this place. Definitely somewhere to go for wearable promotional gear and business growth for your companies and teams professionally. Id prefer all ages and genres of personality to experience the sublimation station. Billy

Artopia USA

Great people .. excellent service ..

How it works

Custom Sublimation Printing for Your Unique Style
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Discover the Possibilities of Print on Demand with The Sublimation Station

At The Sublimation Station, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional print quality and attention to detail. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with cutting-edge industrial printing equipment, allowing us to bring your designs to life with unmatched precision and vibrancy. Here’s a glimpse into our sublimation printing process

Print on Demand: The Sustainable Choice

Reduced Waste

By adopting a Print on Demand model, The Sublimation Station only produces items when they are ordered, minimizing waste in the production process. Traditional manufacturing often leads to overproduction and excess inventory, resulting in unnecessary waste and environmental strain.

Eco-Friendly Materials

We are committed to using eco-friendly materials that minimize environmental impact. Our Print on Demand services prioritizes sourcing from suppliers who offer sustainable options, such as organic fabrics, recycled materials, and non-toxic inks.

Energy Efficiency

Our state-of-the-art printing equipment is designed for energy efficiency to minimize power consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. We strive to adopt the latest technologies and practices that prioritize energy efficiency throughout the Print on Demand process.