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Step-by-Step Guide to Dye Sublimation

Explore the intricate process of turning your imaginative designs into vibrant, captivating products using the captivating realm of dye sublimation printing

Dye Sublimation Process

How do we create custom T-Shirts?


Our printers use the most advanced printhead technology reaching speeds of over 2500 sqft per hour.

Heat Press

Once the printing is finished, heat pressing comes next. In our facility we use calendar heat presses as well as large format flat bed heat presses. This is where the ink from the printed sublimation paper dyes into the fabric or any other substrate that's being used creating a permanent bond.

Laser Cut

After the dyes are sublimated into the fabric, it is now ready for laser cutting. The laser cutter is perfect for the print on demand process. A canon camera takes a picture of black cut lines added around the artwork. It then cuts with a 150w laser right through the fabric while also sealing all the edges. A vital piece of equipment to our production line.


The last piece of the puzzle is sewing. A basic t-shirt consists of 5 different pieces. The front, back, right sleeve, left sleeve, and neck collar. First the two body pieces are put together with a serger machine. The sleeves are then added to the body on each side. The second to last step is the neck collar which is also added with the serger machine. Last, but not least is the hemming on the bottom of the shirt and sleeves which is done by a coverstitch machine. After all that is complete, the shirt is then pressed out with an iron and ready to ship.


You have many different options when it comes to finishing the garment. You can add an awesome hem tag to the bottom or you can even add a branded inside neck label with a hang tag. We will make your garment look and feel like it belongs in retail.

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