Screen Printing

Screen Print Station

When we first started The Station. Our first print process was dye sublimation. We immediately figured out our customers needed more. In the screen print world you can print on just about anything. Started out with a manual press and instantly fell in love. We everntually decided to upgrade to an automatic press and haven't looked back. 


Live Printing

Did you know we offer live event printing? It is the perfect solution to give your customers a real personal and interactive experience. Keep them engaged throughout the entire event.


Rush Order Printing

We understand that in today's world everything is about quality and speed. Since 50% of our business is online fulfillment, getting orders done in a quick and efficient manner is what we do.  Unless we are at full capacity, we will never shy away from a rush order. 


Eco Friendly Ink

High solid acrylic inks are a newer technology delevoped to combat some of the problems older water based inks caused.  It is the closest you will get to traditional plastisol while staying eco frienldy and supersoft. 


Specialty Inks

We offer all kinds of specialty inks. Such as gold, glitter, glow in the dark, puff, reflective, etc... 


Traditional Plastisol Ink

Although we really try to only use Eco Friendly Water based inks, we also know that some of our clients still need the traditional plastisol ink. Streetwear brands especially love the bold and thick feel of plastisol. 


Screen Printing Examples

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